How to Become a Rigger

There are more than 7 million construction workers in the United States alone. That means there’s a ton of opportunity in this industry – opportunities that you could benefit from if you decide to enter it. If you’re interested in getting into construction, then you might want to look into becoming a rigger. This is a specialized career that can be highly rewarding if it’s a good fit for you.

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Meet Bryn Otto

Bryn is a teen welder, fabricator, and apprentice. Born and raised in Grand Island, Nebraska, Bryn is eager to graduate from his trade high school in May 2022 and start his career in the welding industry, as well as becoming a certified welding inspector after completing his apprenticeship. He is also the founder and 1/5th of Surgeons of Steel, a group that shares their welding skills and personalities across social media. Bryn is focused on making his mark on the welding industry by putting in the work, learning from his peers as well as the pros, and sharing his passion for welding any chance he gets.

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