Meet Harvey Hamilton

Harvey is the owner of Maiden Contracting, founded 4 years ago and based in Indianapolis, Indiana. At 16, he started in the trades as a concrete laborer and then shifted to rough framing, roofing, finish carpentry, and metal work. At 35, he graduated with a Construction Engineering degree from Purdue University, but quickly realized his heart was indeed in the physical work of construction. Now at 43, he hopes to pass along as much knowledge and training while still working in the field.

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Meet Garrett Davis

Garrett is a carpenter and the owner of G.W. Woodworks LLC, which he started nearly 7 years ago. Based out of central Maine, his carpentry company builds new homes and renovates existing ones. Garrett still does all his own carpentry work while leading a talented team of subcontractors for various jobs. Garrett has also become a proud and vocal advocate for sobriety and community after dealing with his own alcohol and drug addictions. He now hosts weekly “Skilled & Sober” chats on Instagram Live so trades workers can share their own experiences and find the support they need to succeed in all aspects of life and work.

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