let's crank it up!

Rock the Trades™ will become a movement that makes a real difference for the American industrial sector and the skilled tradespeople who make it go—but only with the ongoing support and involvement of our growing community


are vivid examples of the deep fulfillment that a career in the trades can offer, role models who've built a dedicated following through their commitment, craftsmanship and advocacy for their brothers and sisters in the skilled trades


are stakeholders with a vested interest in the skilled trades who amplify our message across their communications channels or provide products, services or funding—offsetting overhead costs associated with our mission


are tradesmen and -women, their loved ones and all those concerned about the future of the American trades who share the good word about what we're up to across their social media channels and offline networks

Get involved...

phone: + 1 408 465 0315
address: 17500 Depot St., Suite 170, Morgan Hill, CA 95037