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Rock the Trades™ is a workforce development initiative that celebrates the American industrial worker—raising awareness of the skilled trades as a fulfilling career path and enabling those who choose to embark upon it


the men and women already working as skilled tradespeople in the energy, manufacturing and construction industries, showcasing their everyday commitment and craftsmanship


middle and high school students, GED holders, college graduates, military veterans and mid-career workers about the skilled trades, lighting the path to begin their journey


those pursuing a career in the skilled trades through scholarships and other awareness, mentorship and enablement programs, partnering with prominent industry stakeholders

The skills gap in the U.S. may leave an estimated 2.4 million skilled manufacturing positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028.

Top Areas Hiring Electricians

Electricians will always be needed and your skillset will always be valued by employers. However, it’s much easier to find a job as an electrician in some parts of the United States than in others. Here’s a list of where to start looking.

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How Much Do Boilermakers Make?

If you’re interested in an industrial career, then you may consider becoming a boilermaker. Boilermakers earn a solid income and you don’t need a college degree to become one. However, there’s quite a lot that can go into determining your salary as a boilermaker. If you’re serious about the career, you should understand these factors and how they might impact your pay. 

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Top Industrial Mechanic Schools / Certifications

Training to become an industrial mechanic is a smart way to set yourself up with a solid long-term career. But to get the most out of your new career, you will need to complete some training. That’s why we’ve put together the top schools and certification options for aspiring industrial mechanics.

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